Software Change Management (SCM)/ Configuration & Release Engineering (CRE)

Software Change Management/ Software Configuration Managemen (SCM) is the task of tracking and controlling changes in the software, part of the larger cross-disciplinary field of configuration management. SCM practices include revision control and the establishment of baselines. If something goes wrong, SCM can determine what was changed and who changed it. A robust Software Change Management (SCM) system can substantially improve software development, modernization, testing, and deployment efficiencies, streamline processes, reduce software defects, and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction.

The correct handling of versioning has been one of the most difficult issues faced by developers of distributed systems. ITneer provides the service to manage the creation, storage and maintenance of your source code. With flexible automation capabilities, centralized change control, continuous integration and build & Deployment, these software change management solutions can help streamline the entire application lifecycle from development to deployment.

ITneer provides following services under SCM/ CRE-


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