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ITneer Inc.

ITneer Inc. is a premier Software Services Company that specializes in providing Software Development and BPO Services to its global clients.

Specializing in Software Development Life Cycle and support currently has a global reach. ITneer Inc. pioneered the the application of time-tested Software Engineering practices to the fast-changing IT environment to deliver extensive solutions to its clients. ITneer Inc. derives its strength from the vast experience of its senior management in delivering business-critical solutions.

ITneer Inc. is an end-to-end IT services company that is especially good at solving problems, simplifying technology for our clients.

The team at ITneer Inc. helps their clients to focus on growing their businesses by providing them the IT solutions and services they require. With a global presence, resources and infrastructure the company delivers results- efficiently and cost-effectively.

Surana Associates Inc.

ITneer Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Surana Associates Inc. Surana Associates Inc. is a leading software development and e-commerce company based in Atlanta, GA since 1990, serving customers spread across major continents. Rapidly expanding their client base and revenue streams, the company now operates its development centers in Jaipur, Bengaluru and Puerto Rico since 2000. The company has completed large IT Projects for various Fortune 500 companies.

ITneer Inc. has a strong focus on building automated workflows in diverse areas of governance like Public Distribution Systems (PDS), Social Security & Provident Funds, Co-operatives and Traffic Monitoring & Control.

History & Infrastructure

ITneer Inc. has extensive experience in all aspects of managing a technology company. ITneer Inc. has been providing IT services in US since 1999. ITneer Inc. initially focussed on putting systems and processes in place. It then build components that can be used for delivering software solutions in both Microsoft Technologies as well as Java based technologies. With this, ITneer Inc. is able to rapidly build and deploy user-specific solutions that can be easily enhanced and modified to cater to the changing business needs in today's IT industry. During this time we have evolved and adapted continuously to ensure that we create an offering that delivers the greatest value for our customers.

The enduring and close cooperation between software experts and researchers led to the development of many comprehensive software solutions.

Onshore Development centers are located in Atlanta GA and Puerto Rico. Equipped with over 10,000 Square foot of office space and unlimited capabilities over virtual cloud servers, ITneer Inc. is geared to develop and support the most challenging systems.

Offshore facilities comprise of over 40,000 square foot office with T1 link connectivity.

ITneer Office Building at Atlanta

ITneer Inc. is going green and is invested in the Green Technology. Offshore development centers are run by our Windmills offsetting the carbon footprint.

Meet Our Minds

Our leadership team exudes passion for software advancement and customer satisfaction.

Ajay Surana

Ajay Surana

Ajay Surana is one of the principal founders and CEO of US operations. He has nearly two decades of experience in various aspects of large technology organizations, from starting a new development center to establishing a new service offering. He has lived and traveled extensively in the US, Europe and Asia. Ajay Surana was the Bell Atlantic and GTE, where he started his career as project leader. As a enterpriser, his last assignment at Bell Atlantic was to build a Geographic Information System to represent their outside plant inventory. He planned and build Enterprises Solutions Practice and took it to about 200 people within six years.
He has a MS in Electrical Engineering from IIT-Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi and MS in Computer and Information Science from New Jersey Institute of Technology New Jersy.

Kavitha Madhukar Surana

Kavitha Madhukar Surana

Kavitha Madhukar Surana is the Director of Information Technology with 15 years of experience in Wall Street based Financial companies. She has managed several projects and served as a consultant to Wall Street firms like JP Morgan Chase, Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, NYSE etc. She plays a big role in company's success at delivering SDLC IT solutions across the insurance, financial services, retail & distribution and healthcare industries.
She has a BS in Electronics Engineering and MS in Computer Science from New York Institute of Technology New York. Currently oversees the outsourced projects and heads another eCommerce enterprise.

Rishabh Surana

Rishabh Surana

Mr. Surana serves as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and brings over 5 years of professional and executive leadership experience to his role. Prior to ITneer Inc. Mr Surana worked in the eCommerce and Supply Chain department of Surana Associates Inc. Mr. Surana holds a Bachelor of Science from Nationally Ranked Emory University. He has extensive experience in Full-Stack Software Development and earned a Coding Bootcamp certification from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Shireen Sorkin

Shireen Sorkin

Shireen Sorkin is Manager - HR & Administration in Atlanta. Prior to joining ITneer Inc. She was involved in consulting, operations, and marketing for the financial services industry.
She holds a Associates Degree in Marketing and Management from Stamford College Paramount Institute KaulaLampur, Malaysia.

Reed McCroskey

Reed McCroskey

Reed McCroskey is the Director of Marketing and Sales. She comes from a business background with few years of sales experience. She develops new strategies, tactics, and plans for future growth of company. Represents the company in various conferences, trade fairs, and networking events and is in charge of Social media.
She has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology.


We are ISO 9001:2000 certified for Quality System which encompasses Software Development, Maintenance, Support for Software System IT Enabled Services, Customer Training, Data Conversion & Mining Services.

CSL-India is a CMMi Level 3 certified offshore center.

ITneer Inc. is committed to meeting our customer's expectations by supplying products and services that are reliable, meet functional requirements and are delivered on time. The management and the employees all works to secure a long-term partnership with customers by providing world class solutions and services that exceed expectations.

CMMI Level3 DNV Registered

Mission Statement-
Be a world-class leader in software design, development, support and maintenance. To Specialize in state-of-the art computer and information technologies. We shall strive to excel in services rendered to our customers by consistently delivering high quality product and services. We works to achieve technology leadership through our ability to deliver world class products and services.

Quality Policy-
We believe quality is defined by our customers. The direct measure of how well we are delivering on our quality commitment is the degree to which we meet our customer's requirements and exceed their expectations. Our customer's success is the most important factor in our long-term success. We strive hard for our prospects to valued clients, from inception to profitable growth through a continual improvement of Quality Management Process.

We are dedicated to the continuous improvement of this quality system through measurement, analysis and action.

ITneer Inc. Quality Policy



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