Quality Assurance & Testing

Quality assurance services

The demand on Quality Assurance has grown significantly for enterprises of today. ITneer Inc. provides Quality assurance service to its customers. The Quality assurance Service helps our customers to improve business resilience by providing solutions that integrate deep industry insights, leading technologies and future-ready processes. Our goal is to provide the most cost effective QA / Testing solutions while keeping in mind the urgency to launch products without sacrificing the quality. Our Organization is large enough to perform almost any size of project, but small enough that our clients are assured that each project will be given the personal attention it deserves.

We performs following type of testing-

Through our on demand testing service offering we ensure our customers have a competitive advantage in the market through the following value propositions-

Lifecycle Testing

Common Tests performed as Lifecycle testing-

API Testing

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a collection of software functions and procedures, called API calls, that can be executed by other software applications. During testing, a test harness-an application that links the API and methodically exercises its functionality-is constructed to simulate the use of the API by end-user applications.

Common Tests performed on API's-

Load Testing

Load testing is designed to test the performance and scalability of an application. By using various performance testing tools, we can create and execute different scripts and simulate thousands of users concurrently interacting with your site, thus putting high loads on your application and infrastructure. Reports are then generated to supply you with information about how your system performed under various loads and where potential problems and bottlenecks may lie. Software Load testing an application is like putting it under a magnifying glass. Many defects that would not normally appear, will surface when run under high stress conditions. It also serves as a great planning tool to know when either your application's architecture or hardware requirements must be improved.

Report Testing

A report is an output produced by the application under test. With these reports clients can make the right decisions about their project and take actions. Reports come in numerous varieties. Some reports mainly have numbers and/ or charts and some reports mainly have text. ITneer performs following steps under Report testing-

Few of the points which we ensure under Data Verification and Data Validation are-

Automation Testing

Software testing automation has long been recognized for its potential to improve testing capacity by reducing redundant, manual operations while maximizing test accuracy. ITneer Inc. consultants are trained in commercial and open source test automation tools. We understand and have worked on various test automation models empowering us to customize a solution to meet your needs. Applying test automation we are able to run more tests in a shorter period of time and provide result-driven consulting. We contribute test automation expertise and technology proficiency to increase clients' productivity, as well as minimize transition efforts and associated risks.

We have various test automation frameworks in all major programming languages like Java, Ruby, C-Sharp. ITneer has a dedicated team focused on continuous research and development to develop customizable frameworks on top of open source tools for easy project application.

Tools/ Technologies

JIRA qmetry Test manager Birst Selenium Fiddler Cross Browser testing


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