Data Management


Data has become an integral and invaluable asset of every organization. While Data Management is crucial for today's businesses, everyone doesn't have the necessary experience, expertise or resources for collection, extraction, storage, processing, analyzing or monetizing this data.

ITneer Inc. offers a complete line of data development and conversion services. Datasets can be constructed according to client specifications, or ITneer Inc. can provide a comprehensive set of attributes that follow industry standards. All feature attributes can be customized to meet our client needs.

We know that Business Intelligence is a key strategic business driver in today's global marketplace. By assembling Business and Data Analytics staff who combine deep expertise in IT business processes, advanced analytic techniques and development of real-world applications, ITneer Inc. is perfectly positioned to provide our clients the ability to make critical business decisions using BI and Data Analytics. Our expertise lies in business analytics and intelligence. With our industry knowledge, technical capability, operational excellence, robust global delivery model and strong partnership models, we can help you with insights to improve the decision making process.

ITneer Inc. provides following types of data development services-

Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Services-

BI Reporting

  • Executive Dashboards
  • Ranking Reports & Web-based Reports
  • Interactive Reporting & What-if Analysis

Data Acquisition & Migration

  • Data Sources
  • Cleanup & Transformations
  • ETL

Enterprise Data Warehousing

  • Data Warehouses & Data Marts
  • Meta Data Management
  • Data Warehouse Administration

BI Tools-

> Birst

Birst provides intelligence to front-line business workers while driving insights to the corporate leadership. By creating a unified, trusted and actionable data source, it empowers decision makers with the knowledge that will lend confidence to their strategy. ITneer Inc. gives the services for the extraction, transform, and load process by simply requiring users to upload data into either data marts or data warehouses. Also ITneer Inc. give the services to create Birst dashboards, visualize data with pivot tables, drill deeper into trends, Birst ETL handling etc.

> TIBCO Spotfire

TIBCO Spotfire is an interactive data analytics tool which allows users to easily access and analyze their organization's data using the predictive and complex statistics in the reports. ITneer Inc. helps its clients to maximize the value of their data with the power of Spotfire. Our TIBCO consultant team have worked in several complex projects and have decades of experience providing integration solutions for critical business problems. We give the services to create Interactive Dashboards in Spotfire, Spotfire Administration, complex reports creation, Spotfire Integration etc.

> Dundas BI

Dundas BI's agile data flow allows different types of users to start their data journey according to their preferences. Dundas BI gives the full control over its clients data so it can be quickly delivered in the most actionable way. Our Dundas consultant team is aware with the architecture and the way Dunas BI tool works. We have integrated this tool in our many projects where we felt the need of displaying data in user friendly reports. We deliver cost-effective data visualization solutions. We give the services to create Interactive Dashboards in Dundas, Dundas Administration, complex reports creation, Dundas Integration etc.


ITneer Inc. support for crystal reports ITneer Inc. support for birst design and reporting ITneer Inc. support for Dundas ITneer Inc. support for reporting services ITneer Inc. support for sharepoint server ITneer Inc. support for Tibco Spotfire reports ITneer Inc. support for Dundas BI


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